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Calls for Submissions: Queer Zines

Future Fuck All “Hello friends, I am putting out a call for writing, art, comics, photographs, on the practicial and philosophical aspects of gender, sexuality, bodies, and queerness.  Personal experiences (good, bad, and other), philosophies, rants, funny stories, observations, interviews, dreams of the future.  Ultimately, I want to put a zine out that is a… Read more »

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My Brain Hurts, Vol 2

OUT NOW!  Liz Baillie crafts a Degrassi-style teenage soap opera about queer punks in New York City! Our story resumes with Joey in a coma after an incident of queer bashing and Kate and Desi’s relationship on the rocks. Desi’s really religious, and Kate’s really not, and they struggle to find a middle ground. The… Read more »

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Call for submissions: substance abuse zine

Please send all submissions to or a hard copy to:

ben yager
po box 48131
denver, co 80204

I’m compiling a zine about substance abuse, getting clean, and supporting people struggling with it. After spending a lot of my life personally struggling with addiction, I’m interested in hearing other people’s stories and putting together a resource to help other people getting clean and give some advice to people supporting someone going though it.

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Blog: a dirty word in the print world… here’s my contribution to the death of print.

I’m the Australian intern at Microcosm. Secondly my name has been Americanized, I’m now being referred to as Staples. And thirdly, I agree: Fosters is a terrible beer and most Australians have never seen a Fosters before, let alone drank that terrible sewer juice from the Australian outback. I’ve never actually seen a can of drink that freaking huge before. The stereotypes of everything is bigger in the states is actually true.

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