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Burn Collector #14

OUT NOW! Heck yeah, it’s the new issue of Burn Collector! Here, in Burn Collector #14, zine superstar Al Burian lays down 156 pages of truth, trouble, and everyman blues. Whether battling the cops in Chicago, essaying the frenetic nervous breakdown of city life, spilling the secret truth of all religions, or talkin’ comix and… Read more »

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Learning Good Consent

OUT NOW! Curated by Doris editor Cindy Crabb, Learning Good Consent looks at the culture of sexual consent from a standpoint both sexy and educational. Over the course of 46 pages, Cindy and friends create a well-rounded consent workshop, with all sites set on healing and helping. In a world of shady abusers, demonized victims,… Read more »

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Doris #15: Anti-Depression Guide

UPDATED FOR TEN YEARS LATER! Doris 15 starts by stating “there is nothing wrong with a little depression.  It is a reasonable response to this fucked up world and you don’t need to hide or deny it.”  That’s what makes this anti-depression guide so great.  It doesn’t treat depression like a disease that needs to… Read more »

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OUT NOW! Unemployment is the newest zine by Aaron Lake Smith of Big Hands fame. “There’s nothing quite like the nagging doubt that accompanies a period of unemployment,” begins the zine and for the next 44 pages Aaron brings us along on his dark journey into the heart of the failing American empire. Whether touching… Read more »

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Criminalizing Books

(re-posted because it’s important…)

The arrest of Hugh Farrell and Tiga Wertz is ridiculous and upsetting enough. The two Bloomington, Indiana environmentalists were arrested back in April 2009 under a federal law that was created to target corrupt businesses, specifically the mafia. But award-winning journalist Will Potter has found a piece of information that truly calls into question the ethics of these arrests.

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