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Interview! Nathalie VanBalen, Author of Happy Thanksliving!

We are so stoked on Nathalie VanBalen’s vegan Thanksgiving zine, Happy Thanksliving! It’s a coloring book-style zine. It’s pro-animal. It’s super friendly and super cute and totally essential for this year’s cruelty-free Thanksgiving.

We talked to Nathalie about veganness, zine-making, and her other book, the equally awesome vegan children’s book Garlic-Onion-Beet-Spinach-Mango-Carrot-Grapefruit Juice.

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Zinester’s Guide to PDX, 5th Ed!

Billed as a “low/no budget guide to visiting and living in Portland, Oregon, the Zinester’s Guide to Portland breaks down the PDX grid by neighborhood with descriptions of good restaurants, thrift stores, bars, bridges, places to loiter, etc. (lots of etc.). The newly overhauled and illustrated fifth edition gets shoulder-deep into the history and local… Read more »

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The Congo!

The story of the Congo is  the story of imperialism, foreign governments drawing boundaries and associating disparate tribes, resources being mined and profiting the rich and powerful, racism, fears and stories of cannibalism, civil wars, a series of corrupt foreign and domestic leaders, and no end in sight. Once thought of as “The Dark Continent,” Sub-Saharan… Read more »

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