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Pass out our new catalog?

We’ve got Fall 2013 catalogs! Who can leave some stacks around their local coffee shop/record store/punk haunt/social hubs? Email with an address and how many!

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Why Not? Minot Festival

There aren’t many events that we go to every single year for Microcosm, so when we make repeated appearances it’s either a matter of three different things: Getting to catch up with very special friends who live there, consistently awesome support for what we are doing, or a truly amazing and inspiring event. Somehow Why Not? Minot Fest offers all three.

You wouldn’t exactly think of Minot as a cultural epicenter or even associate it with art, necessarily. Which is why it surprised me so much when I made my first trip back in 2006, after seven years away, to discover a vibrant music scene at The Red Carpet, a DIY venue on the outskirts of the city.

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Meal Deal With the Devil

Meal Deal With The Devil combines a five-song CD EP (including two “story-songs”) from the devious San Francisco Bay Area musical satirists with an accompanying read-along storybook, illustrated by Jason Chandler of Horrible Comics. An adult version of a children’s books with a record that let you know when to turn the page, Meal Deal features three brand new & exclusive Bobby… Read more »

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