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2013 – Top Things Made of Words

I’m generally not one for year end lists. Usually I’m late to the party. Often times I’m not invited to the party. Sometimes I get lost on my way to the party and end up at a different party, but still have a really good time. With that in mind, this is my list of 2013’s “Top Things Made of Words.” These days format is less relevant than ever, so for this list, everything qualifies. Whether it’s an old book I didn’t read until last month, a blog, a zine, or the post-it that was stuck to my shoe, it all has a chance.

If you’re here, you probably already know the things

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Henry & Glenn Forever & Ever #4

In the final installment of the greatest love story ever told, about the domestic life of “Henry” and “Glenn” as well as their neighbors “Daryl” and “John,” we are treated to three new short stories. (similarities to real people must mean those real people have really crazy lives. What a coincidence!) This issue includes the shocking… Read more »

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The Snakepit Book: Daily Diary Comics 2001-2003

By now you know the drill: Ben White draws his life everyday in 3 comic panels. This was his first book, collecting quite a few various zines. After describing dozens of various Snakepit titles I’m going to defer to the wisdom of Jimmi Payne’s Punk Zine, “Taken individually, each strip resembles what a friend would… Read more »

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Our New Office Digs

December was a busy month for us! Between trips to Chicago, Oklahoma City, Houston, and Fort Worth, we’ve also been moving into our new location—2752 N Williams Ave. Portland, OR 97227!


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Xerography Debt #34

Since 1999, Davida Gypsy Breier’s review zine, Xerography Debt might be best summarized as an obsession for all involved, or as she puts it: “The review zine with perzine tendencies.” Billy da Bling Bunny Roberts recently said “It’s the glue that holds the zine community together.” Now maintaining three issues per year, the 34th issue of Xerography Debt is… Read more »

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