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Slip of the Tongue: Talking About Language

Slip of the Tongue explores a wide range of topics in linguistics through reflecting on the author’s life and surroundings. Author Katie Haegele is a respected memoirist who makes sense of the world around her by looking at the ways we use language: to communicate, to make art, and simply to survive. She takes us… Read more »

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Punk in NYC’s Lower East Side 1981-1991

Much has been written about the glamorous—and short-lived—New York City punk rock scene of the late 1970s. Less has been written about the second-wave punk scene that followed in the 1980s. Unlike the earlier scene, the ‘80s punk scene took place largely outside of the established downtown clubs, in the streets and squats of the… Read more »

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Bikenomics At Work in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula

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As a result of the mining legacy of the Gogebic Range (Northern Wisconsin and the western end of Michigan’s upper peninsula, two great railroad lines were built to haul out iron ore out of the region. And since the surrounding towns were built before cars took over the landscape, our downtowns, neighborhoods and schools are all located within an easy walk from the railroads. Now, these abandoned rail lines run right through the center of five cities on the Gogebic Range. And having two rail lines eliminates any argument about whether they will be converted for use by bicycles and pedestrians or motorized vehicles. Even so, despite these near-perfect conditions, many efforts to build a bike trail along this corridor were unsuccessful. Objections centered on the question, “why spend money on bike trails with all those pot-holes that need filling?”

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Dwelling Portably Boxset: 1980-2012

The first four Dwelling Portably books discounted in a snug box set sleeve, containing  A wealth of knowledge, experience, and stories, collecting 1980-1989, 1990-1999, 2000-2008, and 2009-2012. Full of information about living without a permanent residence, this complete collection contains helpful and informative tips for living far outside of cities and bereft of technology. All of the tips and advice… Read more »

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Everyday Cheesemaking: How to Succeed Making Dairy and Nut Cheese at Home

Everyday Cheesemaking is an introduction to DIY home cheese making made simple and accessible.  K.Ruby Blume introduces you to the concepts, equipment, and ingredients necessary to making cheese at home successfuly, the very first time.  The book offers clear instructions, humorous stories, dozens of recipes and troubleshooting tips as well as information on running a… Read more »

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