Blogifesto for November, 2009

Billy Da Bunny Sells His Last Zine

November 28, 2009 — by joe biel

After seven years of faithful service to zine distribution, Billy Da Bunny retires from Loop Distro during the Milwaukee Zine Fest 2009. I got the scoop on why he decided to quit as well as his future plans with zines, life, and other creative endeavors.

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Make Your Place Author Raleigh Briggs to Teach a Class This Weekend!

November 17, 2009 — by Adam

Raleigh Briggs, author of Make Your Place and other fine DIY publications, will be teaching a class on herbal home and body care at this weekend's Portland Plant Medicine Gathering. The event, which takes place November 21st and 22nd at The Bamboo Grove on 134 SE Taylor Street, is billed as celebrating "the wealth of herbal and plant knowledge of our finest local Portland Plant People."

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Thanks Academia! Awesome Props for Zines in New Women's Studies Journal!

November 15, 2009 — by Adam

The zine world got some awesome props recently in Signs: A Journal of Women in Culture and Society (Autumn 2009, issue 1, vol. 35). Published by the University of Chicago Press, Signs' Jenna Freedman, a zine librarian at Barnard College, writes how if it weren't for zines, notably Krissy Durden's excellent fat positive publication Figure 8, she would've never thought to question fat prejudice and body image.

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Vegan Migas Via Ben Snakepit!

November 12, 2009 — by Adam

We don't generally post press we get but this one is waaay too awesome to pass up. Recently Megan from the Say It's Not Soy blog came up with a vegan version of the traditional dish migas after being inspired by the Snakepit 2008 book!

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Obsession/Profession: Interview with Zinester/Traveling Vegan Chef Joshua Ploeg

November 05, 2009 — by Adam

Microcosm's Joe Biel recently interviewed In Search of the Lost Taste vegan cookbook author/zinester Joshua Ploeg for an upcoming book. Here's an excerpt from the interview. See the rest of the interview in Biel's Beyond Resistance and Community, a look at, as Biel says, “People who grew up punk and took it to other places than music,” out in 2010 on Garrett County Press.

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Zines versus The Internet

November 02, 2009 — by e. chris lynch

We here at Microcosm often hear the question "has the internet killed zines?" This implication assumes two things: 1) that print is dead or dying, and 2) that blogs fulfill the same role as zines have in the past. While both of these assumption do have some degree of merit, I do not believe they are looking at the whole picture.

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