Meet Microcosm, Episode Eight, Meet Portland Store Intern Robin Yourgrave!

July 23, 2010 — by Microcosm

Ain't nothin' like a good, hard-working intern. For this episode of Meet Microcosm we introduce you to the super awesome Robin Yourgrave, who interns down at the 'Cosm store in SE Portland.

Q: Hey Robin! Tell us how you got the intern position...

A: I got the intern “volunteering” position at Microcosm pretty much by making cold calls to businesses around Portland. I just moved here about a month and a half ago and the job search was getting quite frustrating. The initial intention of my phone call was to get a paid position, however I have been aware of Microcosm for a while and really support what they do so I was more than willing to take up a volunteer position there. A few days after I called, Joe and I met to discuss the position and I started that very day.

Q: What kinds of zines are you into?

A: As far as zines go, I'm a huge proponent of personal zines (e.g. Cometbus). I like the personal stories that I can draw from and relate to my own life and maybe get a different input of how to handle certain situations or, if the situations are not to be handled, make the best of them. I make a zine entitled Bird Shit which is pretty much a Cometbus approach to zine writing. I self-published my first issue back in April and a re-print is coming along with self-publication of my second issue. I am also working on a zine with my boyfriend entitled Coffeedrunk which is essentially about our traveling endeavors pursued together.

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Q: What do you do outside of your interning position?

A: Until recently, I didn't really do much outside of my intern position other than writing and reading on my own time. Until last week, I was still unemployed. Now, though, I struggle for free time. I work at Whole Foods Market and continue to strenuously work on the assembly of my upcoming zines.

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Q: Give us your five favorite and five least favorite things about Portland...
As I am new to the area, it's difficult to define what my favorite things about Portland are and what my um... un-favorite things entail. But, I will construct the best list that I'm able.

1) MICROBREWS!!!--I live right down the street from John's Marketplace and, needless to say, they consistently have my business.
2) Public transportation--I have had quite the string of bad luck when it comes to vehicles because I had to rely on one in my hometown (Fort Wayne, IN) and, of course, I was always broke and could never REALLY afford upkeep. Here, it is not necessary to own a vehicle at all. I really appreciate that about this city.
3) The Cheerful Tortoise--Thursday nights... dollar beers and thirty cent wings. Enough said.
4) Ground Kontrol--Classic videogames and cheap beer.
5) Untouched nature--I love that this city is a perfectly blended landscape of concrete jungle and naturally wooded areas.

Least Favorite
1) ALLERGIES--Apparently the Willamette Valley has the highest allergen count of anywhere on the planet. Didn't receive a warning on THAT one.
2) Hippies. I work at Whole Foods. Need I say more?
3) Road Construction.
4) Bad drivers.
5) Raised bridges.

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Q: Finally, what do you do at the Microcosm store?

A: While at the store, it's a variety of things that I do that range anywhere from making buttons, cutting patches, straightening up shelves, or painting things. It really just depends on what needs to be done for that particular day.

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