Hey NY: Come see us at the Pete's Candy Store Zine Fest this Saturday!

May 27, 2011 — by Bloggrocosm

Hey New York pals,
We're going to be tabling at the Pete's Candy Store (709 Lorimer St.) Zine Fest Saturday, May 28, 3:00pm - 7:00pm.

Check out the lineup!

Music by:

Jose Delhart
Bogs Visionary Orchestra
Reign of the Elephants
Rad Unicorn

Zine folks in attendance:
Andria Alefhi (We’ll Never Have Paris) http://neverhaveparis.blogspot.com/

Darryl Ayo (Little Garden Comics) http://darrylayo.tumblr.com/

Joseph Carlough (Lies in States, Today Terrific, Dark Nature, Modicum Issues, DSP's Box of Horror) http://www.josephcarlough.com/

Marguerite Dabaie (He Also Has Drills For Hands, The Hookah Girl) http://www.mdabaie.com/

Dikko Faust and Esther K. Smith (Purgatory Pie Press) http://www.purgatorypiepress.com/

Jenna Freedman (of the Barnard Zine Library) http://barnard.edu/library/zines

Katie Haegele (The La-La Theory) http://www.thelalatheory.com/

Ayun Halliday (The East Village Inky, The Zinester’s Guide to NYC) http://www.ayunhalliday.com/

Alisa Harris (Urban Nomad, Counter Attack) http://www.alisaharris.com/

Gus Iversen http://www.iloanbooks.com/

Robyn Jordan http://www.robynjordan.com/

Mark Lerer (The Little General)

Sara Lindo (Carl Finds Love, Lobotomy, Wall Street Cat: Money Takes Naps) http://www.theLindo.com/

A.J. Michel (Syndicate Product) http://www.syndicateproduct.com/

Microcosm Publishing http://microcosmpublishing.com/

L. Nichols (Jumbly Junkery, Unrequited Monsters, ! [bang], A Shadow and Its Source, and An Aleatoric Basis for Understanding) http://www.dirtbetweenmytoes.com/

Morgan Pielli (Indestructible Universe Quarterly) http://www.IndestructibleUniverse.com/

Davy Rothbart (FOUND Magazine) http://www.foundmagazine.com/

Bill Roundy (The Amazing Adventures of Bill, Bar Scrawl, various gay romance comics) http://www.billroundy.com/

Kenan Rubenstein (The Oubliette) http://underthehaystack.net/

Steve Seck (Life is Good) http://secktacular.com/

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avatar neverhaveparis 5/26/2011

will be there!