Featured Awesome Product of the Week! The $20 Feminist Superpack!

October 07, 2011 — by Blogrocosm

Do you sometimes feel angry, powerless, or in need of a pick-me-up? Want to connect to a range of movements seeking to define, establish, and defend rights for women? Whether you want gender theory, battles for equality, campaign against violence, harassment, and assault, the social construct of gender, the real experiences of women, and the battles for reproductive rights, this is a good place to start or continue. The first-person voice of zines can empower you or just brighten your day!

This pack generally includes: Dog Dayz, Emergency, Figure 8, Hatch Mister Sister, I Choose My Choice, It's Not Just Boys Fun, The La La Theory, Miranda, Tear Valve, Thoughts About Community Support, and five Bad Habits postcards.

If we're out of something, we'll substitute from these: Ask First, Learning Good Consent, Green Zine #14, Hot Pants, Take Back Your Life, Support, Taking the Lane, and Womanifesto for the Catagorical New Freedom Lady!

Order that here.

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