Now's a ripe time to become our BFF!

June 27, 2012 — by joe biel

BFFin'! Hello Microcosm Friends!

We just wanted to let you know that now is a really good time to sign up as a Microcosm BFF and get all of our fall releases! 

Too awesome for your mind? Imagine a package each month with titles like Bill Brown's Action, Raleigh Briggs' Make It Last and Fix Your Clothes, Dan Moore's Mark Twain Was Right, Xerography Debt, Robnoxious' Unsinkable, and so many more!

As an added bonus, if you sign up by the end of July we'll throw in all of the upcoming Cantankerous Titles releases as a free bonus. That's a total of twenty one titles in the next six months!

Already a BFF? Don't worry, we love you too so if you renew your subscription before the end of June we'll throw in the Cantankerous Titles releases as a free gift for you too and you'll add six more months onto your existing subscription!


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avatar ryanIA 7/2/2012

Holy macaroni, i've been wanting to sign up as a BFF for awhile now, and i'm actually at a place in my life where i can, and you tell me i'm also gonna get the cantankerous title releases too, if i sign up by the end of July. Super Stoked! Microcosm, you're the coolest.