Introducing the Scene History Series

May 19, 2015 — by Beau Gheale

Are you stoked about the history of your town? Do you find out interesting nuggets by talking to those who came before you or by scouting out details on Wikipedia? Do you want a reason to hunt out some people you respect for them to fill in the gaps?

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Well, the Scene History Series is an opportunity to do just that. Like our Simple History Series, we will publish four issues each year, each about a scene that tells the stories of the characters and interactions the scene has with the outside world. 

Due to their tremendous early popularity, we are expanding this series from zines into paperback books. 

And we're believing in democracy here. We are offering an open submission policy for this series. If you want to write about the history of a music scene that you are knowledgeable about or willing to research, we'll read it, edit it, and work with you, with the goal of us publishing it. 

Suggested length is 15,000-30,000 words. Get as creative as you find gratifying. Learn about your favorite places and how things developed.

Submit or ask questions to joe at microcosmpublishing daht com


Scene Histories so far:

1. Punk in NYC's Lower East Side, 1981-1991 by Ben Nadler

2. The Rock & Roll of San Francisco's East Bay, 1950-1980 by Cory M. Linstrum 

3. Out of the Basement: Punk in Rockford, Illinois, 1973-2005 by David Ensminger (coming soon!)

4. The Prodigal Rogerson: The Circle Jerks and The Golden Years of LA Punk

5. Syracuse, New York and the foundation of vegan straightedge hardcore

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