Tip of the Iceberg

Tip of the Iceberg

by Laura Szumowski

Laura Szumowski has a great doubleheader of illustrated guides out right now. Cycling A Guide to Menstruation is a beautifully illustrated 64-page resource on all-things menstrual. Equals parts fun and informative, Cycling answers just about any question you might have about your monthly visitor (as well as all the inner biology action, re: how your stuff works and what to do if it's not working.) Szumowski's second offering is Tip of the Iceberg, an illustrated guide to the clitoris. From sex to science, illness to ejaculation, Szumowski covers all the bases and does so with humor, a love for myth-busting, and substantial factual backing. Both are essential titles.



avatar Heathermarcus 6/17/2012

The store I purchased "Tip of the Iceberg" has no more in stock - my copy was ruined in a flood and I desperately want another copy...will it ever be back in stock?