The Celebrated Rubber Chickens of Dingo Dismal and Olive Rootbeer Coloring Book

The Celebrated Rubber Chickens of Dingo Dizmal & Olive Rootbeer: A Coloring Book

by Dingo Dizmal and Olive Rootbeer

Drawn in a small apartment in Portland, Oregon, this book not only features rubber chickens as illustrated by expert clowns, it features jousting paladins! And they aren't just any rubber chickens, they are awesome ones. But we have a number of awesome coloring books and other illustrated works...except this one is guaranteed to make you laugh out loud. As irreverent as it is charming, it features interesting artistic statements, like the gladiator with a rubber chicken for a shield or the rubber chickens with pilgrim hats arriving at Plymouth Rock (albeit in a clownishly-incorrect year). And to give you a proper sense of the hijinks in these pages: “If “Ramontep fucks up the mummification of another one of the pharoh’s chickens  ….it was commanded he be entombed with it.  Being constantly watched and never trained didn’t help.”  [sic] Gloriously able to be colored, it's time for us to go to the corner with our crayons!