$20 Superpack: (The New) Feminist Power Superpack!

$20 Superpack: (The New) Feminist Power Superpack!

by Super Pack!

An interest in Feminism means you probably like to learn; so we included Firebrands—a book that will teach what you should have learned in history class and comfort any one who doesn't fit the status-quo—also, you get brutal truths on the history of women's rights in Cambodia, a feminist memoir about our famous Cristy C. Road's adolescence. Plus you'll get one of feminist zinester's Cindy Crabb's zines, including how to use a menstrual extraction device, and a sticker!


avatar Jasmine 1/12/2012

Is this collection recommended for a girl just turning 13? I would like to get it for my cousin, but I don't want to upset her relatively conservative mother...