Patch #002: Evolution

Patch #002Evolution

by Joe Biel

By now, other than than Ann Coulter, we've mostly agreed that humans evolved from apes. But the science is still out. Do all humans evolve into bicyclists? Are you?


Ray 10/3/2007

My doctor was baffled when I showed her that I had grown a bicycle on my body.

sid 4/30/2006

Representing the obvious importance of good posture.

Caine 3/12/2005

"My father rode a camel. I drive a car. My son flies a jet-plane. His son will ride a camel." We can choose to take care of ourselves and our planet now or have the consequences of doing nothing and that choice being made for us. The capitalist hegemons of this nation give me little choice but to abandon a way of self-serving, infantile behavior and inaction and embrace a sustainable, co-operative lifestyle which honors my neighbors, my self and my world. Ride on!

Treksta 1/23/2005

Evolve or become extinct.