Make Your Own Damn Alcohol

Make Your Own Damn Alcohol

Easy, cheap, and DIY ways to make alcohol at home! Making your own can also be fun and rewarding. Few things are as satisfying as opening a bottle of beer that you made yourself; it's a lot cheaper to make your own than to buy it. Best of all, if you make it yourself, you know what goes into it. Why pay alcohol taxes?


avatar K80Haze 4/30/2011

Love it! I have tried some of the recipes and they make some pretty good stuff! Now I am tweaking recipes to fit my taste. Love it & I recommend it for a beginner!

Paper Dinosaur 1/17/2011

"Does what it says on the cover, it tells you cheap and effective ways to brew your own alcohol. It’s really really useful. Necessary I would say."

andytoomajian 7/13/2005

love the idea, the recipes look like they would produce a strictly utilitarian (i.e. not artesinal) brew. Still, if you're ever in lockdown, knowing how to make jungle juice will come in handy.

Ayla 4/2/2005