Please Let Me Help Book

Please Let Me Help Book

by Zack Sternwalker

Zack Sternwalker is unemployed, overweight, recently divorced, and lives with his mother. Whilst a lesser man would wither away in emo-laden angst, Zack has found inspiration during this difficult stretch of life. A renaissance man, Zack conjures up brilliant ideas (soap on a rope, a Sammie Davis Jr. biopic starring Tom Cruise, vases of flowers in Port-a-Potties nationwide), offers services (babysitter for Sophia Coppola, compiler and burner for a Beatles Best-of), and attempts to woo unsuspecting ladies with his lifelike sketches of firearms. Please Let Me Help is a collection of letters Zack has written to companies, actors, directors, his local police department, Hulk Hogan, and scores of other easy targets. Some write back; most don't. Quite possibly the best, most hilarious zine ever, Please Let Me Help even includes pager after page of vampiric doodles. Can you resist it?


avatar Kenia 4/23/2012

I agree with everybody else. This is truly a funny read. I can't believe what Taco Bell did as a response to Zack's letter...hahah...!

avatar MelodySayWhat 9/1/2011

I can't even explain how funny this book is! I never wanted it to end! The best $2 I may have EVER spent. Please, PLEASE, believe the hype.

Print Fetish 2/28/2010

"Ha! This book is hilarious. I just got off a red eye flight from San Francisco and was keeping my super cool looking seat neighbor awake with my giggling as I read it."

Wayne 10/29/2007

From a recommendation on, I bought this because I had been wanting to pee in my pants. Well, it happened. This is one of the most prolific works of art created in the last decade. The Tom Cruise letter is absolute genius... a panda's foot... goddammit, that shit makes me laugh every time I read it. And I read it often.

Megan Arrr 11/24/2006

This is great for the artwork alone. How could you not love the vampire pear?
It'll definitely cheer you up on a bad day.

victoria 9/2/2006

Hilarious. Read it first thing in the morning and you will walk around with a goofy smile on your face for the rest of the day

ginny 3/25/2006

I had to throw out all my other books when i discovered Zack Sternwalker! I bought ten copies of this book and it wasn't enough. This is possibly the greatst thing ever created and I only say possibly because I haven't read all of Zack's other stuff.

Sarah 9/7/2005

Holy snot. This is seriously one of the funniest things I've ever read. The letter to port-a-potty alone is worth a measly two bucks. I'm not sure if the guy who writes this is serious or not, but I'm either very sad for him, or completely in awe of his comedic brilliancce.