MICROCOSM—In Your Town. Come Hang Out!

MICROCOSM—In Your Town. Come Hang Out!

by Various

We're on the road! A lot. Find us! 

    • March 14, Bellingham, Washington: Check out our comic books and a ton of others at BellCAF
    • April 25, Bay Area Anarchist Bookfair
    • May, everywhere: Dinner and Bikes tour

If you’re planning an event and want us to be part of it (speaking, author readings, movie screening, book and t-shirt slinging, etc) please let us know!!


avatar steven 2/9/2010

If folks have any events they'd like to suggest for us to attend or places you'd like us to check out, please email- that's the best way to ask. Thanks!

Tiffany 2/3/2009

Actually, if you can't come to us, we'll come to you. Salem College in Winston-Salem NC has an ambitious group of all women writers (the Center Associates writing group). Personally, I'm starting up my own artsy ezine of sorts that will have a biannual anthology of randomness (I hope). My group was really interested in a presentation I did about lit mags vs zines. So maybe we can take a writing day up to Richmond VA or to Raleigh NC. Or maybe you could have an educational seminar along with a fundraising event for my zine that hopes to be brought to life asap. Anyway hope to see you. I'm a big fan.


Sarah 8/28/2008


Sasha 8/23/2008

Aren't you guys coming to Philly Zine Fest??