MICROCOSM—In Your Town. Come Hang Out!

MICROCOSM—In Your Town. Come Hang Out!

by Various

We're on the road! A lot. Find us! 

    • February 12, Tacoma WA: Screening of Aftermass with director Joe Biel (and guest appearance by Elly Blue (Bikenomics)
    • Friday, February 13, 8pm: Joe & Elly's Groundswell presentation at G&O Family Cyclery (8417 Greenwood Ave N, Seattle)
    • Saturday, February 14, 6-7pm: Bikenomics and Aftermass signing at the Timbuk2 Flagship Store (1532 7th Ave, Seattle)

If you’re planning an event and want us to be part of it (speaking, author readings, movie screening, book and t-shirt slinging, etc) please let us know!!


avatar steven 2/9/2010

If folks have any events they'd like to suggest for us to attend or places you'd like us to check out, please email- that's the best way to ask. Thanks!

Tiffany 2/3/2009

Actually, if you can't come to us, we'll come to you. Salem College in Winston-Salem NC has an ambitious group of all women writers (the Center Associates writing group). Personally, I'm starting up my own artsy ezine of sorts that will have a biannual anthology of randomness (I hope). My group was really interested in a presentation I did about lit mags vs zines. So maybe we can take a writing day up to Richmond VA or to Raleigh NC. Or maybe you could have an educational seminar along with a fundraising event for my zine that hopes to be brought to life asap. Anyway hope to see you. I'm a big fan.


Sarah 8/28/2008


Sasha 8/23/2008

Aren't you guys coming to Philly Zine Fest??