Cyberpunk Apocalypse #3

Cyberpunk Apocalypse #3

by Daniel McCloskey

The Cyberpunk Apocalypse is a writers' cooperative work & event space, residency program, and publication based out of upper Lawrenceville, Pittsburgh PA. The third issue opens with a night-time police raid on the Cyberpunk Apocalypse house. The rest of this zine is thoughtful and intellectual without being stuffy or obtuse. Pretension-free political discourse? Yes please! Anyway, the remainder is made up of essays about the G20 protests in Pittsburgh, an interview with Flux Rostrum a video-journalist who runs Mobile Broadcast News from his school bus, and an interview with Cyberpunk Apocalypse artist in residence, and founder of Steampunk Magazine, Margaret Killjoy. The issue is rounded out with some solid short stories, and science fiction book reviews.


avatar Marxengelz 7/4/2011

what about cyberpunk, now?

avatar thisisavoiceunk 4/2/2011

The last story in this thing is about a wal*martesque superstore that learned to use necromancy, employs thousands of zombies, and pretty much took over the world. It's pretty damn good.