Microcosm (is) Totes (awesome!)

In our latest effort to flirt with you, we’ve designed these tote bags. They are lovingly made by the woman-owned Envirototes in New Hampshire (yes, like all of our things, actually made in the U.S.). Then they printed our name on one side and a fancy graphic proclaiming about how reading and ideas change the world on the other side. These bags are specifically engineered to make it easier for you to flirt with other people on the bus or your bicycle. Erik (pictured here) is quite tall so the bags are larger than they appear. We tested and the largest book in our store fits in there (and it’s like bigger than any book I bet you own—it’s a box set of two oversized Gary Panter hard covers). And since we can’t think of anything else worth carrying around besides radical literature, you should be all set with one of these! Totes awesome!