NOW HIRING: Part Time Illustrator / Designer

A new friend

Microcosm Publishing is an independent publisher of nonfiction books in Portland, Ore that has been chugging along for over 20 years. We’re small, flexible, data-driven, resourceful, and scrappy. Microcosm emphasizes skill-building, showing hidden histories, fostering creativity, and challenging conventional publishing wisdom with books and bookettes about DIY skills, food, zines, and art.


We are seeking a new person to design book covers, illustrate interiors, create ePub files from Indesign, and create the visual feeling for our ethics, subject matter, and all things empowerment! We’re looking for someone who is an enthusiastic fan, an avid consumer of media, and can tell the reader what the book is about just by gazing upon its cover.


You’ll often be working independently and should be self-motivated, able to work within a team, creative, and know when to ask for help or clarification.


Qualities of the ideal candidate:

Basic computer skills; plus Indesign, Photoshop, and Illustrator.

Follows directions and gets each job done right the first time.

Creative thinker

Understands a visual way to tell a story

Works well with others

A diversity of styles so that every project does not share aesthetic qualities

Can accommodate people with special needs

Sense of humor.


Cultural knowledge and a progressive outlook help—it’s best to know your DC hardcore from your NYHC and a Cometbus from the city bus. Is there a vegan cookbook next to a pile of zines on your shelf (you have a bookshelf, right?)? Is a bicycle a freedom machine or a death trap? What would make a book of feminist science fiction even better? (Answer: zombies. And bicycles.)


Big Picture Thinking is very necessary here to see the forest through the trees to create the right look for each project, even if it’s not always the most beautiful work of art.


Creativity! But also efficiency and a willingness to do the leg work. For every brilliant idea, there’s a ton of follow-through required.


We’re hardworking and really value the work that we do. And maybe most importantly, we’re a small company working towards a common goal. We believe in what we do and need you to do the same. We are growing and want someone who will commit to growing with us.


We are based in Portland but you can work from our office or from home, even if that’s in another state.


Position is part time and pay is based on experience and efficiency.


Benefits include: Joy, fun coworkers, satisfaction of doing life-changing work, snacks.
To apply: Please write a cover letter about your background and interests and send over samples of both your design and illustration work. Submit by mail or our website form, using the “Send us a note” function here, and selecting “Other Questions.” We will confirm receipt of all applications.


We are accepting applications until May 1, 2016. Interview finalists will be hired to do one paid job for us and then one person will be offered the position. People of color are particularly encouraged to submit as are anyone whose experiences are not represented in the publishing world in general.