Pin #107: Earth First

Earth First! is a radical environmentalist organization that emerged in the great southwestern desert during the spring ...

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Pin #115: Punk Rock. It's Not Just Boys' Fun

by Dillon V.

Punk rock is not just fun for boys... get with it, everyone!

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Pin #124: I (heart) Tofu

by Rex Ray

If tofu is your jam, wear your allegiance proudly!

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Pin #127: Chainring Heart

by Joe Biel, Aaron Renier and alex wrekk

The Microcosm chainring heart logo, in colorful goodness, on a button.

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Pin #128: Corporate Fashion Has No Passion! Sew It Yourself!

by Brittney Willis

Corporate fashion has no passion* -- sew it yourself!     * And enslaves the world's labor force, and keeps women ...

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Pin #146: Typewriter

by Cristy Road

 "Revolution Between the Lines"

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Pin #148: Slingshot Woman

by Eric Drooker

Check out Eric Drooker's website!

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Pin #149: Sweetheart Chainring

by Joe Biel

A real, classic chainring set from approximately the 1950s. Love your bike means something real here!

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Pin #166 This Is A Girl

by Robert Wildwood

Genderbendy buttons are the best buttons.

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Pin #175: Monster Bike

by Ian Lynam

What's happening on this button? A traffic jam is demolished by a godzilla-like bicycle. "Live Free or Drive" proclaims ...

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Pin #176: Ask me about freeway removal

by Joe Biel

Freeways are handy for going long distances, but in cities they are too often used to destroy and divide some ...

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Pin #180: Unicycle

by Ian Lynam

For the one-wheeled crowd. Get around however you do!

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Pin #185: Tandem Riders

by Joe Biel

 Riding a bike in tandem is a metaphor for so many things, and the literal reality is pretty great too.

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