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Eleanor C. Whitney, MPA, is a writer, a musician, an educator, and an arts administrator. She works to guide creative people through the project development and fundraising process and writes regularly about fundraising, social media, management, art, culture, and food for a variety of web and print publications; she blogs at killerfemme.com. She was a cofounder of the Portland Zine Symposium and plays in the rock band Corita. She lives in Brooklyn.

$25 Superpack: Drawn by Meggyn

by Dawson Barrett, Joe Biel, Elly Blue, Meggyn Pomerleau, Super Pack!, Eleanor Whitney and Helen Wildfell

For just over three years, Microcosm designer Meggyn Pomerleau has been creating wondrous art on, in, and around our ...

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$20 Superpack: Live Your Dream!

by Joe Biel, John Isaacson, Super Pack! and Eleanor Whitney

Got an idea for a project but you're not sure how to make it work on a practical (and, let's face it, financial) level? ...

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Grow: How to Take Your Do It Yourself Project and Passion to the Next Level and Quit Your Job

by Eleanor Whitney

Grow: How to Take Your DIY Project and Passion to the Next Level and Quit Your Job is a practical field guide for ...

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