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Katie Guinn is a Portland born artist, designer, writer and mother who spent her adolescence in the beautiful Columbia River Gorge. Katie's inspired by her home in the Pacific Northwest, literature, music, art history and the beautiful radiance of the empowered female being. Katie is a flower gardener, caretaker of fairies, moss and rocks collector and she sometimes likes to partake in the transcendental qualities of cannabis when she makes art and appreciates its healing qualities. The Stoner Babes is Katie's first publication. She is the head of neighborhood watch on her block in Portland, OR. where she lives with her husband and daughter. 

The Stoner Babes Coloring Book

The Stoner Babes Coloring Book

by Katie Guinn

This meditative, art-filled adult coloring book is inspired by the beauty of women and gender fluid people who savor …

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$40 Superpack: Color Your Heart Out

$40 Superpack: Color Your Heart Out

by Elly Blue, Katie Guinn, Taliah Lempert, Tom Neely, Meggyn Pomerleau and Super Pack!

Love to color? Get yourself a copy of all five coloring books we've published. Host a coloring party, give the gift of …

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