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Katie Haegele grew up on the outskirts of Philadelphia and went to college at the University of Pennsylvania, where she studied linguistics. After graduation she began working as a journalist, starting out as the book section intern for the Philadelphia Weekly. These days she writes about books for the Philadelphia Inquirer, The Comics Journal, and other outlets, and her personal essays and reported articles have been published in the Utne Reader, Bitch magazine, Philadelphia Magazine, Adbusters, and few books. After a few years of working as a writer she began to miss linguistics, but found she didn’t really want to go back to school. So she started writing her zine The La-La Theory, a hodge-podge of language facts, oddities, and poems. Since then she has published dozens of zines, including White Elephants. At this point making zines — and being part of the worldwide zine community — is one of the most important things in her life.

Read an interview with Katie on the Microcosm blog.

$25 Superpack: Good Grief

by Elly Blue, Katie Haegele, Dr. Faith G. Harper, Ben Holtzman, Anika Ledlow, Anne Elizabeth Moore, Super Pack! and Kristian Williams

With this superpack, we're dialing down right into the hardest stuff. Grief, illness, torture, genocide—we've got it ...

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Cats I've Known: On Love, Loss, and Being Graciously Ignored

by Katie Haegele

From deep friendships to brief encounters, this is the story of the cats in Katie Haegele's life, or rather the story ...

View Details $14.95 8 comments

Cat Party #1: Five True Cat Stories

by Katie Haegele

 These five tales are excerpted from Katie Haegele's next book, Cats I've Known (out from Microcosm in fall ...

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$25 Superpack: Books about Books

by Joe Biel, Greg Farrell, Katie Haegele, Sarah Royal and Super Pack!

If you're a person, like us, who loves books so much that reading a book about books is a heightened form of pleasure, ...

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$25 Superpack: Cozy Reading for Busy People

by Natalye Childress, Katie Haegele, Super Pack! and Bob Suren

During the grey days of winter, or those darker days in your life, the best remedy is often just curling up with a good ...

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$20 Superpack: Healthy Relationships

by Natalye Childress, Katie Haegele, Dr. Faith G. Harper, Sarah Mirk and Super Pack!

We are all on what feels like a lifelong quest towards finding those perfectly healthy relationships—the people ...

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Slip of the Tongue: Talking About Language

by Katie Haegele

Slip of the Tongue is a love letter to words and the myriad and contradictory ways we use them. Author Katie Haegele is ...

View Details $13.95 5 comments

White Elephants: Yard Sales, Relationships, and Finding What Was Missing

by Katie Haegele

White elephants are the odd, old, and discarded things that end up at yard sales and flea markets—and Katie Haegele ...

View Details $7.95 6 comments
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