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  Andre Hewitt, otherwise known as the Urban Hermitt, writes about counterculture, with soul. From hippies to punks to kinky queer people, he's got a story to tell. Hes been tellin' these stories for years in the Urban Hermitt fanzine, and his novel, The Flow Chronicles (Microcosm), a story about nightmare hippies and coming out as queer in the midst of LSD induced, heterosexist, rainbow gathering "love". Andre Hewitt has been featured in many publications including Girlfriends and the Zine Yearbook. He has also toured the country with many well known "crust punk bands" and zinesters. Andre lives in San Francisco where he works as a counselor, hangs out in dirty bear fag joints, and performs hip hop. He spends way too much time writing letters and emails explaining to people that he is a trans man. Most people never write him back. He hopes that someday people will "get it."