Please Feed Me Book

by Niall McGuirk

Comprising over 150 vegan recipes and anecdotes from some of the bands that played at the over 200 shows booked by Ireland's Hope Collective from 1987-1999. This wonderful document is three things in one. First and foremost, it is a book of tasty recipes compiled by all your favorite punk rock stars - Neurosis' Tomato & Orange Soup; NOFX's salsa; Bikini Kill's chili non carne; Fugazi Chocolate Cake etc. etc. Secondly, its a tour diary of sorts, filled with the highs and lows, as presented by MDC, Chumbawamba, Green Day, No Means No, Jawbreaker, The Ex, Therapy? etc. etc. And finally, it's a great testament to the DIY, underground punk scene, and what a small group of folks can do when they put their minds to it! Plus, of course, lots of photos of all your favorites live in action. Truly a feast for the eyes, mind, and palate.



Really great book...loved it the first time round in the original Hope format, but like it this time around too (this edition doesn't fall apart)!




Wonderful book altogether.


It's very very grunge


This is one of my favorite cookbooks! I'm so glad microcosm is selling it! All the recipes are easy to cook and are great. A must if you're into veganism!