I Wish There Was Something I Could Quit

I Wish There Was Something That I Could Quit

by Aaron Cometbus Author

Laura is suffering a torrid affair—with the trains that pass on the tracks at the end of her block. As Aaron Cometbus' fictional protagonist watches from the porch of legendary punkhouse 309, the trains are carrying weapons destined for the front lines of America's latest war, and Laura can't rest until she's consummated the affair by blowing one up! She plots, she plans—but meanwhile, the trains keep right on coming, haunting her. Taunting her, too. Laura is obsessed. She can't sleep. She sits on the porch all night lying in wait. Then she throws bricks, bowling balls, cans of paint. She loves the sound as they connect, meeting metal and glass. Smash goes the windshield of the camouflage Humvee. Crash go the headlights of a helicopter. Still, all of her good intentions haven't done anything to stop them or even slow one down—yet. Author Aaron Cometbus has remained a legendary status in the punk underground because of the longevity of his zine and for his perfect sentences. He now calls New York his home but lives in a state of perpetual exile. Each issue of Aaron's zine, Cometbus, sells over 10,000 issues, with 59 issues and numerous collections.

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If you knew the cities as well as he does, you would somewhat understand the writer.
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I enjoy nearly everything Aaron has written, particularly the stories compiled into Double Deuce. Love it. This, however, is nothing like his standard style of weaving a story. For me, if I can't easily picture the scenes and people in my mind throughout, my attention can't be held. Also, I didn't find myself becoming compassionate toward the characters, so I didn't care what happened to them. They just seemed kind of pathetic.

I guess I'll try to finish reading it...heh.


I love this book as much, if not more, than what this guy did before. It is different from Double Duce or past Cometbus issues, in a good way. It's like his old writings were teenage punk stories and this is a story about punks who turned into adult fuckups. There's something really calm and beautifull about this book... Like, in the middle of all the confusion and desperation, this book makes me want to celebrate and appreciate the small things that make life worth living and that we tend to take for granted. In that aspect, it's just like everything he did before.


I would agree that it is not even close to as good as his old writing, but i wouldn't say is so horrible I couldn't even finish it. definatly good to pick up if youre a fan, but if you are just getting in to him get his earlier stuff, or the Cometbus Omnibus.


I love almost everything Aaron has written...except this. Old Cometbus is amazing. This, unfortunately, is so boring that I couldn't force myself to finish it.


So, is the title meant to mock the "Brokeback Mountain" line (which is, "I wish I could quit you."? Or is it a reference to the "I Wish I Had A Job I Could Quit" sticker (as my good friend Sarah suggested it may be)?

Aaron craftes evocative essays and concise vignettes that read almost like prose poems.

America's most famous unknown writer.