I Want Everything To Be Okay Book

by Carrie McNinch

Carrie McNinch, author of the long-running zine "The Assassin and the Whiner" and definitive pioneer of the autobiographic comics movement, returns to the genre she helped create. Tracing a year in her life, "I Want Everything to be Okay" is a funny, tender, honest and ultimately, hopeful story of a woman haunted by depression and alcoholism as she rebuilds her life from the inside out. We can hope that it is the first step in seeing Carrie's regular reappearance in comics publishing!



This is a wonderful, deeply felt and personal collection of comics, beautifully wrought. I admire the author's artistry and honesty - more please~!


Carrie McNinch, specifically this publication, finally got me into the world of 'zines. It took me years of reading my friends' work, and finally this honest account of a year of Carrie's life, struggling with alcoholism and anxiety, clicked some switch in my brain. Now I can't get enough. "I Want Everything To Be Okay" is responsible. Get this book!