Fart Party book: Volume Two

Fart Party book: Volume Two

by Julia Wertz

The second collection of Julia Wertz's Fart Party comic strip is just as depressing as you want it to be, but also as hopeful. Most of the comics in this collection deal with her break-up, and moving away from San Francisco, major life changes wrought with anxiety and frustration. But it's not all gloom and doom. Julia smartly accesses her internal monologue, and commits it to paper with hilarious results. She's a protagonist that you can't help but sympathize with, even as she hides porn movies in the park, or fantasizes about chopping someone's head off. Julia Wertz will steal your heart, and sell it on the black market for beer money..and you'll be laughing the whole time.



“This is a book I'd recommend to people who are jazzed on life, but aren't afraid to make a few stupid poop jokes to make their time dealing with mundane crap easier.”