shadowy purple moons against a feminine silhouette

The Witches' Almanac 2022-2023: The Moon - Transforming the Inner Spirit

by Andrew Theitic Author

For the past 50 years, this almanac that runs from Spring to Spring has served as an appealing, literary, sophisticated reference for devotees of witchcraft. Moon phases, weather forecasts, horoscopes, legends, rituals, herbal secrets, spells, interviews, and storytelling mark its pages. A timeless reference as well as an annual planner, this year's almanac's theme is The Moon: Transforming the Inner Spirit, and includes thematic articles about lunar nodes, geomancy, charms of the Welsh March, the Orisha Sango, the Messenger of the Gods, and more. In-depth perspectives and viewpoints from multiple respected authors and experts are brought together thoughtfully to create a book that's as satisfying to read as it is practical.