Urban Homestead by Kelly Coyne

The Urban Homestead: Your Guide to Self-Sufficient Living in the Heart of the City

by Kelly Coyne

By growing your own food and harnessing natural energy, you can plant the seeds for the future of our cities. With that in mind, The Urban Homestead is the essential handbook for a fast-growing new movement of urbanites becoming gardeners and farmers.

So if you would like to harvest your own vegetables, make homemade jam or bread, raise chickens or convert to solar energy, this practical, hands-on book is full of step-by-step projects that will get you started homesteading immediately, whether you live in an apartment, a duplex, or a house. It is also a guidebook to the larger movement and will point you in the direction of the best books and Internet resources on self-sufficiency topics.


avatar K80Haze 4/30/2011

Great book! Loads of awesome projects, tips, and ideas. Easy to read and follow. Glad I owe a copy!

avatar marinawha 2/26/2011

super useful! definitely a good handbook to have around.

avatar Gizmo 2/10/2010

a great book ! especially the part on gardening and how to build a self-watered container.