In Search Of the World: a traveller's almanac

by CrimethInc

A new CrimethInc-y book all about the deeper meaning of travel. Various writers discuss the evil of "tourism" and the beauty, spiritualiy, and history of travel. Anyone who loves restless world travel, the idea of a nomad existance, or simply just walking alone at night through strange dark towns will probably enjoy this book. Features many of the same authors from Days of War, Nights of Love.



yeah i'm dying to find a copy of this book. i've looked everywhere. :[


Do anyone know where you can get any copy of this book? slarga[nospam]

This conveniently pocket-sized book is full of inspiring anecdotes and short-stories that are written by various famous and infamous figures. The book views traveling as a mindset rather than an actual physical pastime. In order to travel you do not need to put thousands of miles behind you, all you need to do is step out of your home with a curious and open mind.

A surprisingly festive and enchanting volume. Their traveler's almanac is a back pocket treasure, a trusty on the road companion.

A rather fine, and engaging collection of travel writings, loosely defined. Some of the big names in literature and history - Guy Debord, Isabelle Eberhardt, William Lithgow, Arthur Rimbaud, Henry Thoreau, Flora Tristan, Hakim Bey - rub shoulders with some of their less (to date) illustrious contemporaries.