A pink book with the outlines of two women's faces facing one another

Consensuality: Navigating feminism, gender, and boundaries towards loving relationships

by Helen Wildfell Author

There are infinite possibilities in human relationships, but the fairytale ideal of companionship does not exist for most people. In Consensuality, Helen Wildfell and her co-adventurers detail the process for creating or finding a healthy, successful relationship as well as common pitfalls and how to avoid them, like gender identity, sexual boundaries, power struggles, and emotional dysfunction. Overcoming regret and resentment, the authors describe a journey towards a respectful social environment. Their experiences lead to lessons of self-empowerment and communication tips for building healthy partnerships. We recognize their preferences and boundaries. We discuss how those fit with our own preferences and boundaries. Filled with personal descriptions of the complex layers in human interaction, the book combines gender studies with memoir to truly make the personal political.

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    “Incredibly illuminating. I’d never thought of it this way before, but I’m getting it now: Love, self-esteem, and even happiness all come down to consent. As I read I was like, Ping! Ping! That’s me! Or, Hey, I’ve met that, too! Consensuality is that rare self-help book that is actually intelligent and helpful. It should be required reading for all social beings.”