Field Guide to the North American Bird by Michael Moore Adam Blank and Lauren Blank

Field Guide to the North American Bird

by Lauren Blank, Adam Blank and Michael Moore

There is one gesture that transcends language, race, gender, and age: the bird. Throughout time, human-kind has brandished their middle finger to express anger, insolence, scorn or to provoke .

FIELD GUIDE TO THE NORTH AMERICAN BIRD documents great moments of creativity, ingenuity, and utter stupidity in the history of this one-finger salute. With step-by-step illustrations for more than 50 ways to give someone the finger, this handy (ha ha!) little guide will have you flipping off with style.

Whether you prefer classic birds like the Peel the Banana and the Volume (“Can you hear this? . . . Or do you want me to turn it up?”), or would like to expand your vocabulary with more sophisticated birds like the Cell Phone, the Pulley, and the Helium Balloon, this guide has what you need.

For the globetrotting bird-flipper, FIELD GUIDE also showcases Birds of the World, so you can piss off people wherever you go.

Here you'll find the perfect bird for any job, whether tormenting your little sister, covertly rebelling against your boss, or telling that tailgater what you think of him.