Double Duce

Double Duce

by Aaron Cometbus

Double Duce is a reprinted, repackaged version of Cometbus #42, a novel from Aaron Cometbus. His characters ponder life's mundane questions with the seriousness of ancient philosophers: How to get by on no money, where to scam free photocopies, and the finer points of dumpster diving are the subjects of endless conversations. Also check out Despite Everything, also published by Last Gasp.



1st time I read this was actually for a college course! I finished it a week before the due date.


couldn't put it down


prolly my favorite cometbus writings


kool book


I loved this book. All night. Buy it now. It is insanely funny and will leave with this odd satisfied feeling like "Oh, wow, I guess my life doesn't suck that bad after all."


"This zine is worth its weight in gold."