Language and Politics, Noam Chomsky

Language and Politics

by Noam Chomsky Author

More than thirty years of L.P.P.!


Uncle Noam is down with L.P.P. (that's linguistics, politics, and philosophy) and in this most readable and erudite collection of interviews he elucidates like never before. There are more than fifty interviews that begin in 1968 and demonstrate Chomsky's startlingly prescient guesses for the course of post-Vietnam-war-America and continue to the 21st century and the first couple of years after September 11, 2001.


It's not just politics, however, there is a gamut and Chomsky runs it effortlessly: covering not just the aforementioned L.P.P. but also science, the Middle East, the media, education, anarchist theory, critiques of radical politics, and so much more.


Peruse this hefty tome on the bus ride to work and make all the other anarcho-syndicalists feel jealous.