bicycle race book cover featuring a fist holding a bicycle above the LA skyline

Bicycle/Race: Transportation, Culture, & Resistance

by Adonia Lugo PhD

Out now: Bicycle / Race paints an unforgettable picture of Los Angeles—and the United States—from the perspective of two wheels. This is a book of borderlands and intersections, a cautionary tale about the dangers of putting infrastructure before culture, and a coming-of-age story about power and identity. The colonial history of southern California is interwoven through Adonia Lugo's story of growing up Chicana in Orange County, becoming a bicycle anthropologist, and co-founding Los Angeles's hallmark open streets cycling event, CicLAvia, along the way. When she takes on racism in the world of national bicycle advocacy in Washington, DC, she finds her voice and heads back to LA to organize the movement for environmental justice in active transportation.

In the tradition of City of Quartz, this book will forever change the way you see Los Angeles, race and class in the United States, and the streets and people around you wherever you live.

The final paper book is available now, if you buy the ebook, you'll receive a regualr pdf—the official ebook will come out October 9th.



fri 3/9 1:40pm

"Colonialism, bikes, and racism...all from the perspective of those that bike. If you care about transportation equity and mobility justice, you're going to want to read Lugo's words and go with her on this journey."

sat 3/3 2:07pm

"Adonia Lugo's vision of a more equitable bicycle movement and world is worth heeding. Her apt critique of racism in transportation is constructive and practical. Anyone who cares about how cities and roads work—or, for many, don't—will gain much from her work."

tue 2/27 1:44pm

“Dr. Lugo shows bicycle advocates and planners why equity and justice should be central to our work. Her book is a key part in building a multiracial movement and networks for the wider goal of mobility justice.”