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Xerography Debt #53

by Davida G. Breier Author

In this fifty-third installation of Xerography Debt, dig into 123 different reviews of zines across a whole range of genres. Davida G. Breier has compiled these reviews in this one handy place, collecting others' impressions of zines so that you can find the ones that you'll actually be into and avoid the ones you won't vibe with. Covering zines from all over the world, Xerography Debt is a your go-to guide to the world of DIY, self-publishing, and fanzines. This edition includes four columns from Dann Lennard, Jeff Somers, Microcosm's very own Joe Biel, and Markell Raphaelson West, taking a closer look at the role that particular zines have played in their lives and meditating on the ways that the zine community brings people together. Grab your copy today!

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