Pin #041Keep Left


KittyMcsneeze 4/13/2008

I agree with Joy - can someone explain it please?

Joy 5/10/2006

I'm lost, I just want someone to tell me what it means. I could have sworn it meant left wing?

Q.Allen 11/15/2005

you can thank the government for crack, too.

anonymous 9/25/2005

In repsonce to the P. Makhno, I thought this pin was meant to mean keep left as in left-wing.

p. makhno 4/17/2005

It means that there are people traveling on the right. except from their perspective, you know, it'd be the left.

Spit 4/1/2005

Well why dont you explain it to the ones who dont. Don't complain about ignorance unless your'e weilling to teach.

ambre 11/26/2004

haha, this is a funny pin. sad that a lot of people probably wouldnt get it though.