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Mumia Abu-Jamal (born Wesley Cook April 24, 1954) is an African-American journalist, political activist, and former militant leader from Philadelphia. An early member of the Black Panther Party, Abu-Jamal was charged with the 1981 murder of Philadelphia Police Department officer Daniel Faulkner. Originally sentenced to death, Abu-Jamal's sentence was overturned in December, 2001. Both the prosecution and the defense have appealed the ruling. Abu-Jamal is now serving life in prison at the maximum-security SCI-Greene. Due to his political involvement and association as a black radical he was framed for the murder and is one of America's most famous political prisoners. (source - Wikipedia)



    i think that it is possible that mumia shot the policeman, possibly in defence of his brother


    This guy reminds me of Peltier. Free Mumia Abu Jamal!!! Free Peltier!!! This judicial opression must end.


    I totally third the Leonard Peltier motion, specifically button and/or patch.


    I believe there should be a Free Leonard Peltier sticker or something as well! I second it.


    Could you please, please make a Free Leonard Peltier button/shirt/sticker? I'd love you people forever. And give you vegan cookies =)


    I think mumia did it. I don't see why the leftist movement adopted him as some sort poster child against oppression. The pamphlets handed out over him were wasted effort. They should have been about east timor or anything else that was important going on at the time.


    My Panther, my brother - we are at war until you're freed!!!