Button Atheism is Non-Profit Org

Pin #075Atheism Is a Non-Prophit Organization

by Joe Biel


Brian 11/12/2007

It should be non-prophet.
That's the joke, people who read non-prophet will immediately think of non-profit as well, but just non-profit doesn't conjure up images of... prophets.

Dakota 12/19/2006

but the point of the pin isnt about "prophets" its about PROFITS. like the church charging shit loads of money way back when, and now still, recevieing tax breaks ect. regardless of separation of church and state ect.

none 4/3/2005

ha ha

Bubba 2/26/2005

atheism is non prophet, but this atheist pin isn't. the irony stikes you like the thunder of allah

Stace 2/1/2005

I agree, "non-prophet". Stace

Grandma Nixon 12/11/2004

"non- prophet" is much better though.

ambre 11/26/2004

it goes both ways, really

Emily 9/5/2004

Shouldn't that be "non-prophet"?