a glowing portal into another technology!

The Steampunk Tarot: Wisdom from the Gods of the Machine

by John Matthews Author and Caitlin Matthews Author

In this tarot deck, The Technomage is king and the Punk Diva is queen. The world of steampunk combines Victorian and Gothic elements, and early invention with a huge dash of imagination and a tremendous sense of style. The Steampunk Tarot is a world apart: a nexus of opulence, innovation and alternate world-views that is reflected in 78 scenes. The 22 major arcana cards are the actors at the heart of the machine, the deos macninae or "the gods of the machine." Acting as mediators are the 16 court cards who are the Legates of the Omniverse, or ambassadorial representatives of the Four Leagues, comprising all the skills that maintain the Imperium: they are the movers and shakers—the Commander, Lady, Navigator, and Messenger, or King, Queen, Knight and Page. They oversee the other 40 cards of the minor arcana, who are the elemental worlds of Airships, Engines, Submersibles and Gears. Let your imagination run rampantly across time and space!