dinner and bikes tour poster

Microcosm in Your Town!

We're coming through your town soon! 

  • April 25: Bay Area Anarchist Bookfair
  • Dinner + Bikes! from Nebraska to Texas! May 2015 w/ Joshua Ploeg (This Ain't No Picnic), Joe Biel (Aftermass), and Elly Blue (Bikenomics)
  • July - Bob Suren goes on tour with Crate Digger!
  • July and August - Dawson Barrett goes on tour with Teenage Rebels!
  • July 11-12: Seattle to Portland Finish Line! 
  • Photos from tabling!

    If you’re planning an event and you’d like the Microcosm gang to participate (by tabling, presenting, aiding in the consumption of vegan treats, etc) please let us know!!