an illustration of a person flyingthrough a glass window

$20 Superpack: A Keith Rosson Spectacular

by Keith Rosson Author

This superpack shows the evolution of the illustrator and author Keith Rosson—from his zine Avow and zine collection The Best of Intentions to his more recent, acclaimed novel Smoke City. And we'll throw in copies of 13 Years of Good Luck (with a submission from Rosson) and CIA Makes Science Fiction Unexciting #6 (illustrated by Rosson) for good measure. In addition to being an exceptional artist who is legally blind, Keith is one of the best storytellers ever and boy does he have stories to tell! Existentialism done punk rock style with a good sense of humor to lighten up all the bloodletting when you're done knocking back the drinks. From recounting his spirited tales of adventure of eating glass to try to impress a date in high school, to having guns pointed at him to getting into brawls to growing up in an abusive household, Rosson took these storytelling chops and became a novelist! Landing in many "best of" lists of the year, Smoke City is intelligent, weird, brutal, fascinating, and will stick with you for a long time as it depicts the absurdist yet believable actions of the kind of characters that you get the sense that Rosson has known all too well.