Documentary DVDs superpack

$20 Superpack: Documentary Marathon

by Joe Biel Author, Bill Brown Author, Ben Holtzman Author, Super Pack! Author and Various Author

Five great documentaries on that sadly antiquated format, the Betamax tape. Just kidding—they're all on DVDs. We're so modern! If you love watching documentary movies, want to see some well-put-together stories about pieces of unsung history, and still have a doohickey that plays these things, this is the deal for you. Here's what you'll get:

$100 and a T-Shirt is an award-winning, now-classic documentary about Pacific Northwest zines.

Between Resistance and Community looks at the making of an era in Long Island's DIY punk scene, with all its awesomeness and pitfalls.

Homeland Insecurity contains three short films by Bill Brown, including his meditative, dreamy look at life, migration, and activism on the US/Mexico border.

Still We Ride chronicles the New York City police department's years-long, expensive, sometimes violent campaign against that city's Critical Mass bike ride

X-Ray Visions takes you on the wild ride through an iconic part of Portland, Oregon's subcultural history, headquartered for years at the scrappy all-ages music venue, the X-Ray Cafe