$20 Superpack: Maddy's Picks

$20 Superpack: Maddy's Picks

by Super Pack!

The crew here at Microcosm are putting together some of their favorite stuff for these super awesome Superpacks. Maddy's is jam-packed with Supportthe zine that first made Maddy wanna work for Microcosm, Learning Good Consent because it's essential for everyone to learn good consent, and Doris #15 and Doris #23 because Doris is badass, enough said.

The bundle also includes The Life and Times of Butch Dykes: JD Samson because Maddy's a big fan of Le Tigre and This is Portland because she's a super-recent Portland transplant (somebody went to women's college lol). 

 Complete with every order of Maddy's Superpack, Maddy Court will send you a heartfelt note in her terrible, serial-killer handwriting. Oh, and a Dykes Feel No Guilt patch for good measure. * Dog not included.



How much for the dog?