three dreamwhip books on a shelf!

$20 Superpack: Dream Whip

by Bill Brown Author and Super Pack! Author

Since 1994, our observant wanderer, Bill Brown has combed the American landscape finding meaning in rust, neon signs, the U.S./Mexico border, supposed alien crash sites, and the gift shops adorning their landscape. In a tone that's half Ira Glass, half Aaron Cometbus, Bill's pocket-size books gives us stories of biblical theme parks and border-crossers, of Dutch punks and haunted houses. His is a wide-spanning, optimistic, Technicolored America, always on the road. As says Bill, "Dream Whip is a bad country song full of open roads and achy hearts and ratty motel rooms where I take stock of how many miles I've gone and how many I've still got to go." It's tornadoes and pet cemeteries, Alaskan highways and the lonely ruins of government missile sites. Bill Brown's America is seen with the big, dreaming heart of a romantic, everything recorded in sweet, smart, funny, beautifully-simple prose. 

These three books compile all but issues #11, 12, and 13 which we offer separately.