Elly Blue Publishing superpack

$30 Superpack: Elly Blue Publishing

by Elly Blue Author, Jennifer Charrette Author, Kellie Day Author, Kelli Refer Author and Super Pack! Author

Here's a sampler of the great list of woman-oriented and -created bicycle-themed books and zines that Elly brought with her when she merged with Microcosm in January 2015.


Get moving with Kelli Refer's charmingly illustrated Pedal, Stretch, Breathe: The Yoga of Bicycling. Then feed your mind for a while with the Bikenomics zine, the shorter, sweeter, 40-page essay that predated the book. Get the toddler in your life equally inspired about balance bikes and the adventurous life with Jennifer Charrette and Kellie Day's picture book, Zoom! Take a break and rest your brain with a stroll through the feminist bicycling future with the stories in Bikes in Space Volume 2. Enjoy two issues of Elly's bike zine Taking the Lane and enjoy a listen to the Taking the Lane Audiozine.


All that, plus we'll send you a few Taking the Lane stickers ... including one that Elly will draw for you if she's in town (just say what you'd like on it in the order notes and we'll do our best).